Your Road Map To College Admissions

Finding the Best School Fit for You

The transition from high school to college is filled with challenge, opportunity and decision making. Picking the right college is an important choice—and in many cases the most important choice ever made.

Hiring a College Consultant to help you find the right college fit is like hiring a realtor to help you find the right house.

An organized, personalized educational plan cannot be overemphasized. I assist families to make informed educational decisions whether entering high school, choosing the right college, deciding whether to transfer from one college to another, or embarking upon a graduate school or professional school process. 

Knowing your abilities is an important part of the College Admission Process. I use the Highlands Ability Battery Assessment to help my students discover their natural abilities. Studying the pattern of abilities that are areas of strength for an individual reveals important clues as to the kinds of learning environments, academic subjects, and potential careers that are well-suited to build on those aptitudes. 

Matching these innate strengths with the academic programs and campus resources of each college is key for successful college counseling.

As a experienced educational consultant with over 30 years of experience, I am commited to helping you identify the most successful and fulfilling educational options for your son or daughter. I will guide you step-by-step through this exciting yet sometimes overwhelming process. 


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